Equal opportunity measures


  • Part-time employment

The faculty allows temporary and permanent part-time positions to promote a healthy balance between studying, working and family life. Part-time employment is possible on all levels.

“Since the birth of my daughter three years ago I work part time (80%). I am very grateful for this opportunity and for the very unbureaucratic procedure that made it possible.”
Prof. Olivia Romppainen-Martius, OCCR, Institute of Geography

  • The 120% support

The “120% solution” is a scheme to help postdocs balance the demands of career and family. The Faculty of Natural Sciences can support 1-2 postdocs who reduce their working pensum from 100% to 60- 80% to take over care-taking responsibilities. The support consists of the shortfall needed to hire a technician or a student assistant for one year, so that together your pensum amounts to 120% (20% – 40% of your salary + our contribution= 40-60% salary of one technician or student assistant). The idea behind this, particularly for the experimental sciences, is that the two of you will be able to cover the entire working week and overlap on one day or two half days.
There is one active call for applications per year, but applications are welcome any time and will be granted depending on the available funding.
Eligible for the support are all Postdocs within the Faculty of Natural Sciences, who are not funded through the SNF. The SNF offers a similar support scheme directly. Preference will be given to women.
Applications containing a CV, a short description of your current working situation (employer, beginning and end of contract), a description of your care-taking responsibilities and a description of the kind of support that you are applying for (starting date of support, who you plan to hire, i.e. a technician or a student assistant, for how many months (max. 12 months)), should be sent to the deanery (Claudia Scherrer).

“Durch das 120%-Modell der Universität Bern konnte ich ein halbes Jahr eine Hilfsassistenz anstellen, welche mich in meiner Forschung sehr unterstützt hat. Vor allem zeitaufwändige Recherchearbeiten, Dokument- und Datensammlung konnten so übernommen werden, so dass ich mich auf das Wesentliche, auf konzeptionelle Arbeiten und komplexe Auswertungen, konzentrieren konnte. Dank dem 120% Modell konnte ich meine Forschung effizient vorantreiben, trotz Teilzeitanstellung und Kinderbetreuung”
Dr. Tina Haisch, Institute of Geography


  • Financial support for additional child care costs

The Faculty of Sciences makes available funding for measures to support equal opportunities for young female academics with child care duties. We support additional child care costs that occur at conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc.
This measure supports young female academics regarding the financing of additional child care costs for the child/children while attending a conference/a workshop/summer schools/ job interviews/field work. The financial support may not exceed CHF 500 per person.
Applicants must submit a short proposal to the deanery (Claudia Scherrer). In addition, each application needs to include a copy of the birth certificate(s) of the child/children. Applications should indicate the budget and the name of the supervisor.

There is no deadline and applications will be reviewed continuously.