Conference Support

Who is supported?

The Faculty of Science supports the participation of lower mid-level (intermediate) faculty (Mittelbau) and staff (doctoral candidates and postdocs enrolled in the Faculty of Science) in international conferences (e.g. scientific conferences and workshops, summer schools , etc.) as a means of promoting further scientific education and enabling early-career researchers to expand their networks. In terms of funding for such participation, priority is given to those applications that clearly demonstrate the impossibility of obtaining other sources of financing – i.e. funding from research projects is not available.

What are the requirements?

  • The conference must be publicly announced, have an international character and offer opportunities for networking between participating scientists with varying degrees of experience.
  • The provision of funding is contingent upon active participation in a scientific conference, symposium etc. This means that approval for participation is subject to a selection process (public announcement) or that the participation must include at least one presentation (talk or poster).
  • Support is provided for a maximum of once every other year per person.



  • An application form must be sent by e-mail to Mr Stefan Lisiecki,  before the conference, symposium etc.
  • The e-mail should also include the candidate's CV, a copy of the conference program and confirmation of the candidate's presentation (talk) or poster at the event, or confirmation that the candidate has been selected to participate in the conference

Amount of funding

The maximum award is CHF 1,500 per application.

When are the grants awarded?

Three times per year (March 31, June 30 and October 31)

Reimbursement of costs

See Information sheet (PDF).