Professional associations

On this page, you will find information on the Mittelbau (intermediate faculty and staff) at the Faculty of Science. The Mittelbau is divided into the high Mittelbau (lecturers and other habilitated staff) and the low Mittelbau (assistants, PhD students, postdocs and scientific staff members).

If you're interested in getting involved with the Mittelbau, please get in touch with Margreth Keiler (high Mittelbau) or Lüthi Martina (low Mittelbau).

Members of the Mittelbau throughout the entire university are represented by the Intermediate Staff Association (MVUB). Intermediate staff at the Faculty of Science maintain close ties with the MVUB.

  Delegate of the faculty High Mittelbau
Prof Dr Margreth Keiler (Geosciences); Dep. PD Dr. Peter Broekmann
  Representatives of the departments (Faculty sessions)
  Prof Dr Thomas Studer (Mathematics); Dep. Prof Dr Riccardo Gatto
Prof Dr Urs Wenger (Physics); Dep. Prof Dr Christoph Raible
Prof Dr Peter Broekmann (Chemistry/Biochemistry)
  Prof Dr Barbara Taborsky (Biology)
  Prof Dr Margreth Keiler (Geosciences); Dep. Prof Dr Thomas Nägler
  Delegate of the faculty Low Mittelbau
Martina Lüthi (Biology)

Mailing list:

We cordially invite all members of the low Mittelbau to join the mailing list and thus enjoy the benefits it offers as well:

  • You will be regularly informed about topics and issues of current interest to low Mittelbau staff members (e.g. workshops, events, grant/funding opportunities, meetings and conferences).
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and suggestions.
  • You and your colleagues can decide who will represent your interests in various faculty committees and bodies.

You can easily join the mailing list here.

Florian Dolder (Coordinator; Geosciences)
Simone Egli (Mathematics)
Donat Hess (Physics)
Sheena Chaudhry (Chemistry/Biochemistry)
Hannah Inniger (Biology)