Habilitation (i.e. qualification to teach at a university)

Habilitation in the Faculty of Science

The rules for the procedure are described in the Habilitation Regulations of the Faculty of Science (version from May 23, 2013).
Scientists who wish to teach their own courses in the Faculty of Science must apply to the Dean for a venia docendi. The application must include the following documents:

All documents once in paper form and once electronically for the dean's office

  • Letter of support from the mentor for the habilitation
  • Doctoral degree
  • list of scientific publications
  • Habilitation thesis (in paper form and electronically in a size that can be sent)
  • generally understandable author abstract describing the habilitation dissertation
  • CV
  • description of previous teaching activities
  • subject area(s) of the envisioned courses
  • 2 teaching evaluations
  • Habilitation fees: CHF 600 (payment slip will be sent)

You'll find further information in the habilitation regulations and in the leaflet on the habilitation lecture: