Important information - FAQ

Application deadlines

You'll find the deadlines for students here. You'll find the deadlines for doctoral programs here. You'll find the deadlines for changing degree programs before you begin studying here.

Procedure for deregistration from exams and requirements for doctor`s certificates

Information on the procedure for deregistration from an exam and entering a doctor's certificate can be found in this leaflet.

Registration data

You'll find information on renewing your semester registration here. You'll find the deadlines for changing degree programs during your studies here.


You will find information about the cost of studying at the university, as well as about grants and scholarships, here.


Please contact the CTS support team if you have any questions or problems.

Performance assessments

  • Conditions of participation: Lecturers in the Faculty of Science can make approval to participate in the performance assessment process for their courses contingent upon the fulfillment of certain requirements during the semester (exercises, internships etc.). Information on this is provided in the courses at the beginning of the semester and can also be found on course websites and in the CTS.
  • Canceling performance assessments: Registration for any performance assessment can be canceled online without reason up to 14 days before the scheduled assessment is to begin. A student wishing to cancel a performance assessment less than 14 days before the assessment date may not do so online but must instead speak directly to the lecturer and also provide a reason for the cancellation (e.g. illness, death in the family etc.).
  • Illness before or during a performance assessment: Feelings of discomfort or illnesses before or during an assessment must be reported immediately to the responsible university staff ; a note from a doctor should also be provided as quickly as possible. If a candidate does not report an illness etc. in this manner before the end of the examination, he or she will be considered to have been healthy.


You'd like to study at another university for one or two semesters as part of an exchange program or simply on your own initiative? Such an option is available to you after you complete your first year of study. You'll find information on this in the Mobility and Exchange sections at the University of Bern website.​

Legal foundations

The legal foundations for studying in the Faculty of Science are formed by the regulations governing studies and assessments (RSL), as well as the respective study plans and their appendices. These documents can be found at the Legal Services Office website.


Grades, final (degree) grades, and other legally binding decisions made by the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Science are communicated to students in writing in the form of an announcement. This announcement also includes instructions and procedures for the legal recourse to appeal: For example, a student who believes he or she has received an unfair grade has 30 days to submit an appeal with well-founded arguments, as well as a request for a grade change, to the Appeal Committee of the University of Bern. The Appeal Committee website and information leaflet provide detailed information on the Appeal Committee, the appeal process, and the cost of appeal proceedings. 

Before a student submits an appeal, we recommend that he or she first get in touch with the directorate of studies or the Dean's Office. It's often the case that misunderstandings or ambiguities are involved, and these can be resolved amicably without any need to initiate what is often a long drawn-out legal process. 

The Legal Aid Service of the Student Union of the University of Bern also offers individual legal consulting services for registered students.

Extension of period of study

You will find information on the possibilities for extending your period of study at the university here.

Code of practice for doctoral degree

Please note the Code of practice doctoral degree programm.pdf (PDF, 147KB)


Frequently asked questions regarding degree completion for master and PhD can be found here.
Additional information on the graduation process can be found here.

Mandatory entry in the student registry

A renewal of your student registration in the next semester is not necessary if the following conditions apply:

  • Bachelor studies: The grade for the bachelor thesis was entered into the CTS before week 8 or 38 and studies will not be continued at the University of Bern.
  • Master studies: The definitive master thesis and evaluation were submitted before week 8 or 38 to the secretariat of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Science.
  • Doctoral studies: The PhD comprehensive examination must take place at the latest by Jan. 31 (fall semester) or July 31 (spring semester) in any given year. Please note: Doctoral candidates must remain registered at the university until at least the semester in which the comprehensive examination is to take place.

Graduation ceremony

Bachelor, Master and PhD graduates are cordially invited to attend. An online registration form is made available at the end of December (see News and Events at the Faculty's homepage).

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Science 2021 has been cancelled.