Secretariat of the Dean's Office

The team in the secretariat of the Dean's Office advises students on administrative issues. Its responsibilities include:

  • Issuing of degree documents
  • Organizing the annual graduation ceremony
  • Accreditation/certification of student degrees/qualifications

The secretariat also cooperates with the academic fields and the Study Committee to provide student services in the following areas:

  • Recognition of attainments (external and faculty-external)
  • Assessment for admission to Bachelor's/ Master's programs
  • Registrations/applications for individual study plans
  • Change of major or minor in Bachelor's programs
  • Extension of period of study
  • Approval for participation in a doctoral program 

Specific questions regarding your studies, subjects etc. should be addressed to the secretariat of the directorate of studies for the subject in question.

Location and hours of operation of the secretariat of the Dean's Office

The secretariat is located in the Exact Sciences Building (ExWi) in Office 010. Please note our hours of operation.  Special appointments can be made on request.

The team in the secretariat of the Dean's Office

Please directly contact the appropriate team member for your issue/question. Anyone on the team will be happy to provide you with general information.