Faculty of Science

Equal Opportunities Action Plan

The Faculty of Science has approved the Equal Opportunities Action Plan 2020-2024 at the faculty meeting on the 8th of October 2020. The action plan includes a series of concrete measures for implementation, starting January 2021.

Background: This autumn, all UniBe faculties were required to renew and expanded their equality plans for the next four years. The biggest change concerned the integration of the central adminstration’s Diversity Guidelines; this required the inclusion of at least two new dimensions of diversity (in addition to gender). These dimensions were characterized as follows in the central adminstration guidelines:

  • ethnic origin (language, nationality, skin colour, religion)
  • body and psychology
  • age
  • social background and class 
  • sexual orientation and gender identity

The commission revised the existing Equal Opportunities Plan (with its focus on gender) and created a new plan that expands the work of the commission towards a broader range of structural inequalities. The action plan can be found here: