Faculty of Science

Recruitment process

The University of Berne has set itself the goal of achieving a female proportion of 33% for full and associate professorships and 40% for assistant professorships by 2024. The current proportion of women in full and associate professorships is around 24%.

A central issue to increase the proportion of women is ensuring the quality of the recruitment procedure. Fair and transparent recruitment procedures increase gender equality. For this purpose, the University of Bern has issued a series of basic rules and the guide "Hiring Process at the University of Bern With Special Consideration of Equal Opportunities" which was adopted by the University Executive Board on June 15, 2021.

In accordance with the Employment Regulations, one member of each structural and electoral committee has the function of a gender equality delegate. A member of the Office for Gender Equality also has to sit in on the commissions in an advisory capacity.

The Office for Gender Equality provides the structural and recruitment committees with documents and holds workshops on gender equality in the recruitment procedure.



Job sharing

The University of Berne is committed to giving its employees the opportunity to work in contemporary working models. It therefore welcomes and encourages job sharing. This flexible working time model helps to create a balance between employment and other areas of life, namely family and leisure time.

If you are interested in new working models, get in touch with the chair of the commission or the Office for Gender Equality of the University.


Dora Declaration

During the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology 2012 in San Francisco, a group of editors and publishers of scientific journals created the DORA Declaration. The aim was to improve the way in which funding agencies, academic institutions and other stakeholders evaluate the results of scientific research. 

The University of Bern has signed the DORA Declaration, inviting its members to consider its recommendations. 

You can find the full DORA Declaration (in English and various languages) here: https://sfdora.org/read/


Better science 

The Swiss Better Science Initiative  calls for quality in a holistic sense rather than quantity and speed. The initiative has ten calls for action that can change the university landscape in the long term.