Faculty of Science


The commission's main goals are championed and implemented by eight members of the Faculty of Science.

The commission is led by chair Carolin Schurr and has members from the Institutes of Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Geography and Geology including representatives from the different status groups. 

President, Representative Geosciences

Prof. Dr. Carolin Schurr

As long as sexism, racism, classism and ableism still characterize the academic world, we need to engage with this world - know it, understand it – if we are to transform it.

Representative Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Frank Kutzschebauch

To solve current societal problems, we need the potential of everyone. This is only possible if we give equal opportunities to every human. As women are underrepresented in our faculty, I support women in science.

Representative Physics and Astronomy

Prof. Dr. Mikko Laine

It would be nice if educational and scientific opportunities were based on interest and competence, rather than people's background and life choices.

Representative Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Paola Luciani

As a woman in science and mother in the Equal Opportunity Commission, I have the chance to contribute to the representation of diverse talent, to stand up for an inclusive academic environment for every scientist independently of their background, and to support caregivers in the development of their academic career.

Representative Biology

Prof. Dr. Claudia Bank

Academic work is creative work, and diversity begets creativity. I want to make academia more inclusive so that diverse ideas, personalities, and approaches are heard and implemented into better science.

Representative Upper Middle

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Towbin

Representative Lower Middle

Anupam Das

Representative Students

Elisa Ioanna Charlotte Probst